About uas365.com

uas365.com is specialized in drone services. Our team brings together different areas of expertise, but what unites us is a shared enthusiasm for aviation. We all have experience in manned aviation: Our team members have worked in the management of large airlines in Germany and abroad, founded and established airlines, led training departments, flew commercial aircraft, managed the flow of data from commercial aircraft, wrote operating procedures, assessed and mitigated risks (including cyber-security risks), applied for and received operating permits from aviation authorities. We would like to transfer this experience to the growing drone market with uas365.com. Our goal is to establish the high standards of manned aviation in unmanned aviation as well.

This bundled know-how and our high security standards can also be found in all of our activities at uas365.com. Be it in the training and education of remote pilots or in setting up a BVLOS operation for linear inspections. With uas365.com you have a capable and reliable partner at your side.


Why us?

As a team at ua365, we have several decades of experience in various management positions in manned aviation. Thanks to our expertise in operations, aviation safety and development, we have built a cross-industry network from which you can also benefit in the field of unmanned aviation. The implementation of approval and standardization procedures on a European and international level is just as much a part of our portfolio as the provision of services in the field of unmanned aviation.

Our expertise:

  • Training and training management
  • Flight operations management with a focus on change management
  • Aeronautical approval procedures including preparation of the associated documentation
  • Incident and Accident Investigation
  • Safety and Compliance Management
  • Personnel recruitment & assessment
  • Development and administration of learning management systems
  • Experience in an international and multicultural environment
  • Operational engineering
  • IT

Then contact us. We are happy to support you in individual use cases or provide you with a complete solution for your company.

Our Team


Jens Walther

CEO & Head of Training



Andreas Ritter

Head of UAS Operation



Thomas Bernwald

Head of IT

Thomas is a software architect with many years of experience in the airline industry. In addition to his activities in flight operations, he has already worked on several aviation standards. Before he started working for an airline, he worked for a number of years in an aviation-certified manufacturing company (EASA Part 21G and 145), with a focus on hardware-related software development. In addition to aviation, he was also involved in the development of solutions for air rescue, industry, police and the military.


Christoph Hahnemann

Software & Machine Learning Engineer



Krzysztof Milczewski

Head of Engineering

Krzysztof is a software engineer with many years of experience in the aviation industry, specializing in cyber-security. He is also active in international standardization commitees and the open source community. Krzysztof is an advocate of agile working methods and supports our team as Head of Engineering.

Astrid Ritter


Astrid leads the office in our Training Center Eifel and supports us in all accounting matters.